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The "Act Local" widget started in 2010 as the Saanich CO2 widget.  It was custom designed with custom dimensions to fit the website of the District of Saanich.  Saanich is on Vancouver Island, Canada.  And it's home for Mike McGee, creator of the global CO2 widget program.

In 2015, Mike made this stylized design publicly available.  Inspired by the concerted actions to eliminate carbon in Saanich, he named it "Act Local."   Saanich has GHG reduction targets for both the community and municipal operations. And it offers incentive programs to switch to solar hot water systems, convert heating oil systems to a heat pump, and set up charging stations for electric vehicles.

Wherever you are, an Act Local CO2 web widget can help your site visitors 'think global, act local.'


Thinking at a global level is a useful and exciting intellectual activity, but no substitute for the work needed to solve practical problems at home. If we really want to contribute to the welfare of humankind and of our planet, the best place to start is in our community, and its fields, rivers, marshes, coastlines, roads and streets, as well as with its social problems.

~ René Dubos (1981, p. 83)