November 13, 2015


In July 2015, I was invited to set up one of the first .earth websites on the internet.  As a result, I was permitted to set up not one but two .earth websites: and  The sites were launched November 13, 2015, as part of the .earth Registry's founding members program. 

The CO2-data site I've been running since 2008,, moved to CO2.Earth.  The CO2 web widgets on the site moved to their own website at  Public registration started November 19, 2015.

Registration of a .earth domain is tied to this voluntary pledge:


"By registering a domain in the .earth TLD, Registrants voluntarily pledge to become ambassadors for Earth and do away with actions that harm Earth and its inhabitants."

 ~ .earth registration terms & conditions


As the creator of and, I enthusiastically take the .earth pledge.  "Doing away with actions that harm Earth and its inhabitants" fits my purpose for operating these sites: to assist and support people worldwide in tracking and learning about planet harming trends like global warming.  Doing this basic work, I believe, should help in building a movement bent on achieving stabilization at a global scale.

I look forward to seeing how far my projects get in the months and years ahead, and how new .earth initiatives pitch in to do away with actions that harm the earth, people and the wider community of life.  It is certainly a privelege to be part of all this right at the start.

Michael McGee
Founder of Pro Oxygen, Creator of CO2.Earth and Show.Earth
Victoria, BC, Canada