image: 2010 masthead of the former Nelson Daily News

Each week from late 2009 until July 2010, the Nelson Daily News published a CO2 tracker.  It was designed by Mike McGee, creator of CO2.Earth and Show.Earth, and published in collaboration with Michael Jessen, a climate change columnist at the newspaper.  Most of the published CO2 trackers featured CO2 levels at the time for weekly or monthly periods.  Some put a spotlight on emissions or observed changes in global average temperature.  Every week, the content of the CO2 tracker was different.

The CO2 bulletins were sponsored by a real estate agent in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada.  That is, the City of Nelson and surrounding communities.  They stopped when the century-old newspaper was sold to new owners and then closed in July 2010.   The archive material on this page offers one illustration of how the sales department of a newspaper and local advertisers can collaborate with us at Show.Earth and CO2.Earth to keep newspaper readers informed by the Earth's most important environmental signal as it changes. 


Sample CO2 Tracker in Print

Nelson Daily News  Jan 11 2010  CO2 Tracker tear sheet (pdf)

image: January 10 tear sheet with global CO2 levels and local real estate advertisement


About CO2 Publication at the Newspaper

Nelson Daily News  Jan 26 2010  
Carbon counter keeps eye on environment: Part 1 (page 1) 

Nelson Daily News  Jan 26 2010  Carbon counter keeps eye on environment: Part 2 (page 4)


About the Nelson Daily News

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